Foot arch correction platform non slip height shoes(50% OFF)

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Color:  White
Size:  35


Arch health is an important guarantee for flexibility and strength of the feet
With the arch of the foot, the feet are full of elasticity, fully absorbing the impact of the ground on the feet, not only the bounce force is strong, the endurance is strong, and not east be injury.

These women’ s sandals are comfortable to wear, it can help you correct posture, and reduce pain, you can wear these sandals to walk comfortably all day.

Orthopedic Shoes – When you wear these sandals to walk, they can help you correct the posture you walk. They can balance your feet at the perfect angle, and they have better stability to realign skeleton positioning. If you walk in these shoes for a long time, your posture will get better and better.Elastic And Non-Slip Sole – Comfortable cushioning sole is elastic, it can help you absorb shock and have good cushioning. It can help you reduce pain, you can wear it to walk or stand all day, you will not feel tired. And the rubber sole is non-slip, you can wear these shoes indoors or outdoors.

Breathable Mesh Upper – The upper is mesh design, it is breathable, and not stuffy. It can help you keep your feet more comfortable and keep your feet dry. The mesh design is very suitable for the summer hot day.

ARCH CORRECTION – Support sole. Flat feet with low arches tending toward mid-arch. Improvement of plantar discomfort. Even foot pressure. Not easy to twist the ankle. Increased stability.

RUBBER SOLE – This pair of shoes has good water resistance and wear resistance, is comfortable and anti-slip, shock absorption and ventilation release your feet, lets you travel easily, and not easy to get tired!

RETRO FASHION – Simple and easy to match, the stitched lines on the upper reflect the advanced feeling. The toe cap is round, which is convenient, comfortable, and young to wear, making walking a pleasure.

ALL-DAY COMFORT – Easy to wear and take off, suitable for all kinds of leg-type girls. The laces are simple. At the same time, this kind of design can strengthen the shoe model, even if you wear it for a long time, the model will be very upright.

QUALITY MATERIALS – We refuse waste and recycled materials! The product uses high-quality raw materials, with excellent toughness and breathable. It is not a waste product that will break once worn.

Occasion – These sandals are suitable for daily wear and casual wear. Suitable for any occasions, such as walking, running, camping, shopping, work, office, school, beach, vacation, travel, walking the dog, and other indoor or outdoor activities.


Heel Height: 4cm/1.6in

Upper Material: Ploy Urethane

Sole Material: Synthetic Rubber

Package Includes
1* Shoes

Please allow 2-3cm error due to manual measurement. Please make sure you do not mind before purchasing.

Color may not appear as exactly as in real life due to variations between the computer monitors.

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