90 Degree Corner Clamp

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🥰The 90° Corner Clamp gives you the helping hand you need to hold 90° corners and "T" joints together securely when you’re assembling boxes, drawers, cabinets and cases. 


  • Versatile Clamping Options: The 90 Degree Corner Clamp works efficiently on both 90° angles and "T" joints, offering flexibility for various woodworking projects. The V-shaped wedge firmly grips the workpiece, ensuring perfect 90-degree angles every time.

  • Durable Alloy Steel Construction: Made from high-quality alloy steel die-casting, the clamp body boasts high hardness, rust resistance, and exceptional durability. This makes it an ideal tool for constructing reinforced frames, storage tanks, and more.

  • Ergonomic Rubber-Coated Handle: Designed for comfort and efficiency, the rubber-coated handle offers an ergonomic grip, making it anti-skid and wear-resistant. The convenient knob allows for easy adjustments to the working pressure, ensuring a secure lock at different widths.

  • Quick-Adjust Handle for Easy Adaptability: The quick-adjust handle enables swift and effortless adjustments to varying widths of the opening, allowing you to adapt to different project requirements with ease.

  • Maximum Clamping Thickness: The right angle clamp has a maximum clamping thickness of 68mm, ensuring a strong and stable hold. However, using excessively thick plates may result in suboptimal performance and affect the normal use of the clamp.


  • Material: alloy steel+plastic

  • Maximum clamping thickness: 68mm
  • Package Size: 233*113*90mm

  • Weight: 560g


  • 1 pc* 90 Degree Corner Clamp