Bengal Cat Metal Silhouette

Color:  Corten Steel
Height (Inches):  10"
Thickness (Mm):  0.5mm


This product belongs to animal rescue program.

1% of every products sold goes directly to an animal rescue or shelter.

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Pet silhouettes are made from sturdy premium weathering iron. They are designed to develop a beautiful rust that will change over time. This silhouette will develop their rust if left in the weather or frequently exposed to wet conditions. The color of the rust should change over time, starting as brighter orange tones and changing to darker brown tones.

This silhouette is now also available in black! Black silhouettes are spray paint in a finely textured black that will hold up to weather and maintain their original appearance for years to come!

✅Perfect gift for dog lovers!

✅Insert the silhouette in the garden or in a flower pot.

✅Putting silhouettes at graves in memory of departed friends.

*Listed dimensions reflect dog only, NOT stakes.

*All of our dogs are HANDMADE!

🎁The gift they will never forget🎁

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