Handmade Resin Skull Knife Holder

Color:  Brown


Introducing the resin Skull Knife Holder, a striking and functional kitchen accessory that adds a touch of gothic charm to your kitchen design. This knife holder showcases a captivating candy skull design, perfect for Halloween-inspired decor or for those who appreciate unique and eye-catching kitchenware. With its resin finish and 5 holes for knife storage, this holder ensures both knife safety and adds a statement piece to your kitchen.

Important Information:
- Material: The Skull Knife Holder is crafted from high-quality resin, ensuring both durability and an exquisite finish.
- Name: Skull Knife Holder, offering a distinctive and recognizable kitchen accessory.
- Material: Crafted from premium-grade resin, the knife holder showcases intricate detailing and a brown color, adding a touch of gothic allure to your kitchen decor.
- Size: The holder measures approximately Height 16.5cm, Length 10cm, and Width 10cm, providing ample space for your kitchen knives.Weight:351g
- Style: The holder is designed with 5 holes, ensuring safe and organized storage for your knives while doubling as a captivating table ornament.
- Colour: The holder comes in a brown, blue and coffe color, complementing various kitchen designs and styles.
Packing List:
- Each purchase includes one Skull Knife Holder